Overview of Services

Cornerstone excels at Identifying, Demonstrating, and Communicating product value through a wide range of services offered throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Health care innovation has offered tremendous value to patients by improving survival, decreasing symptoms, and providing hope. However, while innovation remains the key to success for health care companies, rising health care costs have created pressures on spending.  The system has responded by placing payers and purchasers as the new gatekeepers of access to innovative health care technologies. It is therefore critical to demonstrate product value to these stakeholders, as well as to traditional regulators such as clinicians and patients.

A challenge in measuring product value is that it can be subjective, with value meaning different things to different audiences.  Regulators and clinicians want to know a product is safe and effective.  Patients are concerned with improving their short- and long-term health.  Payers want to understand how a product performs both within clinical trials and in actual practice compared to current standards of care.  In addition, payers want to know that the added clinical benefit is delivered at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Whether your product is new to the market or well-established, Cornerstone can help answer the questions that define its overall value:

  • What is the pricing potential of my product?
  • How best can we communicate my product’s value to all internal and external stakeholders?

Our services include:


  • Systematic Reviews
  • Landscape and Gap Analyses
  • Market Research
  • Advisory Boards
  • Pricing Research
  • Reimbursement Strategies


  • Global Cost-effectiveness Models
  • Country-specific Analyses
  • Budget Impact Analyses
  • Indirect Treatment Comparisons
  • Network Meta-analyses
  • Chart Reviews


  • Value Message Development
  • Global Value Dossiers
  • Payer Business Cases
  • Interactive Payer Engagement Tools
  • Reimbursement Submissions

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