Oncology: OCEAn

Cornerstone has developed the proprietary Oncology Clinical and Economic Assessments (OCEAn) Platform for the conduct of economic analyses of oncology products. The OCEAn Platform provides a proven tool for the rapid development of cost-effectiveness analyses of oncology products.  Its attributes include:


  • Used with major reimbursement agencies and as the basis for global models
  • Developed in collaboration with leading oncologists
  • Track record of successful reimbursement submissions
  • Used for a wide range of early- and late-stage cancers


  • The OCEAn data library enables the provision of a full cost-effectiveness analysis in as little as 6 weeks

World-class Functionality

  • Intuitive interface
  • Fully automated one-way, multi-way, and probabilistic sensitivity analyses
  • Pricing module available for exploration of cost-effective price corridors and assumption sensitivity
  • Additional modules available for addressing post-trial survival extrapolation, crossover and treatment sequencing

To learn more about OCEAn and other models developed by Cornerstone, contact us.

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