Cornerstone is constantly conducting internal and external team training on health economic methodology, global reimbursement systems and analysis methods. Examples of training courses include:

  • How to conduct and interpret Indirect Treatment Comparisons (ITCs) and Network Meta-analysis (NMAs).
  • The microsoft-excel based tool for running and critically appraising network meta-analyses using WinBUGS.
  • A Microsoft EXCEL-based tool for running and critically appraising simple network meta-analyses using WinBUGS –overview and application.
  • Health economic analysis: From conceptualization to reimbursement success.
  • Extrapolation of survival curves for oncology submissions: Lessons from a review of pCODR submissions.
  • Oncology reimbursement in the absence of overall survival data: Lessons from a review of global submissions.
  • Lessons learned from pCODR reviews and implications for submissions.

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